This is a communal place where the flavors & aromas mingle and the warmth of family and friends is pervades.
The Amici


Amici, Artisan masters, teaching with imagination, experience and love for the finer things in life.

Using only quality raw ingredients rigorously chosen we bring from our kitchen to your table works of art that transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Our creations excite the palate, captivates the eyes and mesmerize the sense of smell.

Let us provide for you true master pieces for the joy of one living life with taste.

Though Amici Catering have become well known through out Perth as the “Italian Catering Co” we also prepare sumptuous Classical and Contemporary Mouth Watering Dishes. We have a selection of various menus or you may prefer to design your own but what ever you decide the Chefs of Amici catering will be happy to discuss your catering requirements and tailor the menu and the service to your needs.

With over 60 years experience in preparing true works of art let our team cater for your next celebration.  Whether you require full service or platters delivered direct to your door let Amici Catering arrange the meal for you.